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Investment Team

Our highly experienced team has worked together successfully over many years

Nick Bird

Nick Bird is the Founder of OQ Funds Management and the CIO of the Asia Absolute Alpha Fund*. He was Global Head of Macquarie Bank’s Quant Hedge Fund business where he was primarily responsible for developing and implementing the investment process. He started to research factor based quant anomalies in Asia in the mid-1990s, working for Macquarie Securities. After moving to the buy side at Macquarie, he launched an Asian quant hedge fund in 2005 using a non-systematic quant methodology. With strong performance, the fund attracted large inflows and, after reaching capacity, a European fund was launched in 2011 to satisfy investor demand. This was followed by an Americas fund three years later, increasing total AUM to ~$US2.8bn. He left Macquarie in 2018 and set up OQ in Hong Kong. Mr Bird holds a BCom (Information Systems) with Honours (First) from NSW University and is a  CFA Charterholder.

Wilson Au

​Wilson Au is a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Asia Absolute Alpha Fund*. He was a Portfolio Manager at Macquarie based in Hong Kong, where he helped manage the Asian Alpha Fund and European Alpha Fund strategy. Wilson worked alongside Nick Bird for over 8 years at Macquarie. During his tenure at Macquarie, the strategy won numerous awards for its performance. He left Macquarie in late 2018 and has worked for Ovata Capital as a Portfolio Manager and CST Group as a Research Director. He joined OQ Funds Management in 2021. Mr. Au holds a Masters degree (Engineering) from Cambridge University and a BEng (Civil Engineering) form the University of Hong Kong.

Zicai Feng

​Zicai Feng is a quantitative analyst for the Asia Absolute Alpha Fund*. He has worked under Nick Bird since his obtaining his undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science in 2007 from Macquarie University. He worked in different capacities in Macquarie Bank's Quant Hedge Fund business and helped the Asian fund grow from a three-person dedicated team to 15 investment professionals. He is very familiar with the non-systematic quant methodology employed by Nick Bird, as well as the underlying quant models.

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